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5IB certificate from Sauce King NYC
5 Island Blend sauce at farmers mkt
Certificate for 5IB Hot sauce
Thank you card for President Obama & First Lady Michelle

                    By Deanna Garcia

October 4, 2019

Real estate development is not the only thing that’s hot in the Bronx. Now making a hot impression are two New York City based hot-and-pepper sauce companies that are healthy, too: they both grow their low sodium.


Incredibly Guiatrie Sapp was inspired to create her pepper sauce, 5IslandBlend, when her husband, Randall Sapp, had a heart attack. She came up with a recipe that contained low sodium for him so he could continue enjoying the hot and pepper flavoring that he loves.

“For people with high blood pressure,” she said, “This product is great because you don’t have to stop your daily use of hot or pepper sauce.”

She told thisistheBronX that the name 5IslandBlend was inspired by the five different peppers they use in their sauces and their five-person family.

“People like the sauce because it doesn’t overpower what you’re eating,” said Randall. “Instead it compliments what you’re eating.”

5IslandBlend currently has three flavors: Signature Spicy Pepper Sauce, Signature Pepper Sauce, and 5 Island Blend Hot Sauce that are a mixture of red wine vinegar, Italian and Caribbean fresh peppers, and very little kosher salt.

“This is more than a sauce for us,” Randall said.” Everyone in our family, in their own way, is involved in the business.”

Customer feedback photo
5IB event at Taste of the Bronx  mkt
Event photo taken by The Sapps

Thanks everyone for stopping by 5 Island Blend tent on August 22nd, 2018 at the Eat nYc The Bronx Food And Wine Festival's. We hope you enjoyed the event and food by all participating vendors. 

Specializing in Pepper Sauce, Hot Sauce made with fresh peppers and low sodium. Family own product produced locally by The Sapps Forever LLC  in Bronx, NY

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